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Content Management Solutions

MainGames is a Creator Service Provider (CSP) for Facebook Gaming. We offer our expertise to Facebook Gaming Creators for optimising their content further and receive exclusive management for their Facebook pages. This allows you as a creator to expand your reach, promote yourselves and get a better audience during Live Streaming and VoD.

Better Content Production​

We help you create fresh and relevant content with creative and professional consulting by our Talent Specialists. We also provide you advanced tools to bring those imaginative ideas into reality.

Integrated Campaigns

We help you run integrated campaigns across Facebook Gaming, YouTube and, Indonesia's largest tech portal.

Talent & Influencer Agency​

Our in-house Talent Specialists, many of whom are streamers and content creators themselves, help you identify ways to improve your content, grow your fanbase and monetize better.

Event & Tournament Organizer​

We host own creator events and tournaments, inc Mobile Legends, PUBG tournaments.

Our Products

Content Service Provider

Maingames is a leading Creator Service Provider (CSP) mentoring creators across Asia. Our mission is to nurture creators from the next billion people across the world. We will bring you to your full potential as game streamers via communication and technology. With Maingames leading, we believe anyone can stream!

Brand Deals

With our frequent brand collaborations, we help you get connected to the best brands and better monetize your audience.

Creator Development

MainGames runs programs for Creators to guide you in developing and improving your livestream performance.

Community Events

We love to party ! We invite creators to our many tournaments, online/offline gatherings and tons of other activities.

Direct Support

You will get support from us to produce engaging content, get direct referrals and assistance in managing your gaming platforms.

MainGames Academy

MainGames Academy helps newbie streamers hone skills, get setup and introduce you to the exciting new world of streaming and content creation.

Incubation Program

1 month mentorship program that offers intensive guidline and online learning opportuinity .

Educational Videos

Get free access to advanced learning about live and everything stream related! Learn the basics and work your way up for Pro tips!

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