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Li Ziqi

Posted: 24 Nov 2020 11:10

Li Ziqi

To many, she goes by the names Li Ziqi, or Li Ziqi tasty. If asked, she would describe herself as a humble, simple, and ambitious woman, which is true, but she is a pride and God's blessing to the Chinese community and the world. Born on the 6th of July 1990, in Mianyang, Sichuan, Li is one of China's most revered Lifists and internet sensation.She has gathered over 75million followers on different platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Snapchat, Facebook, Weibo, Tick tock, YouTube, and Pinterest from videos she makes together with her grandmother. It is very easy to fall in love with her and her craft.Li is an artist, especially when it comes to Chinese cuisine and cultural artifacts. All of which she sells at a fair price. A considerable part of her talent is attributed to her upbringing. Li was brought up by her grandmother from an early age after being orphaned and highly mistreated by her stepmother. Therefore, we can credit her success to innate talent and being brought up in an environment highly reliant on culture and different life settings, which taught her to make the best of every hand she got dealt with from an early age.liziqiLi Ziqi's journey to success.Like most entrepreneurs, Li went online with one primary goal! To market her product. With the increase in digitization of businesses globally, Li saw an opportunity to boost her Taobao online store. She started with a crew of two. One cameraman and his assistant. Then she had herself and her grandma.And as true as the saying goes, "nothing good stays hidden under the sun." The world loved her and her grandmother and all the fantastic meals and handcrafts they made. She became and continues to be an online sensation. As of now, rumor has it that Li earns about $28million per year, which she humbly refuses to acknowledge.What are these crafts that have put Li Ziqi on the world map?

Chinese Food ArtLi and her grandmother have brought a whole new meaning to Organic/Natural foods, all with a spectacular touch of art. She makes a nutritious all-natural breakfast, a healthy bountiful lunch, snacks, drinks, and a massive, well-prepared, exquisitely served heavy dinner. Li and her grandmother make meals that accommodate both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Everyone is represented.Li even makes Jams from scratch.As mentioned earlier, Li prepares all her meals from scratch with products readily available on the farm and the wild. This process is humbling and highly addictive, given that I find it hard to stop watching once I start. You can almost smell the food from your screen. Watching her has made many people turn into small scale farmers simply because they want to have that excitement that comes from growing the crops and eating them fresh from your garden.The best thing is that the meals are made from ingredients you can easily purchase or plant regardless of whether you live in a townhouse or at the farm. All you need is focus and dedication, which we all have a little bit of.For example, in one of her videos, Li prepares breakfast from soybeans by making soy milk from scratch. She goes into the farm, picks the beans, removes them from the stalk, cleans them, and performs the whole process where she extracts the milk. Her meals are always well represented in what I can term as the most artistic manner, with beautiful flowers that even look edible.Li Ziqi's Handcrafted ArtWell, Li is a woman of many talents. She has a way with her hands where she makes immaculate things. You can see artifacts such as quilts, furniture, jewelry, and even clothes all made from scratch in her videos.Whenever she needs furniture, Li goes into the forest, gets the perfect tree for the task, and makes the furniture she desires. One of her videos shows her making a silk quilt by raising the silk snails herself and harvesting the silk for the quilt. She honestly has patience and determination, and the level of perfection that goes into her products is impeccable.Liz art is highly cultural. She raises the Chinese flag high every time she makes an art of any form. We can say that her upbringing and environment have positively contributed to this. Take, for example, her embroidery pieces; by making the fabrics, threads, ink, and even brushes herself, then going ahead to embroider, she tells an untold story stitch by stitch, helping preserve culture and tradition that has thrived for over 1000 years and counting.Some of her products include;• Decent, comfortable, cultural student ware which is made from 100%cotton fit for any weather.• Decent, comfortable, cultural casual wear that is fit for different seasons all through the year.• The Asian Vintage Chinese Jewelry Keepsake Box with a leather surface.• Cutlery made with Chinese art.• Embroideries.• Furniture• Recipes which are free from her online sites. All you need to do is follow her and have different recipes at your disposal.All at affordable prices.When you hear the name Li Ziqi, Li ZiqiTasy, or Li Jianja, envision hard work, persistence, perseverance, faith, and talent. Li is the epitome of an all-rounded, kind-hearted, enthusiastic, beautiful, down to earth person you will ever come across in real life or on these sides of social networking.Despite all the hardships she endured as a child-like;• Losing both parents at a young age,• Living with an abusive stepmother,• She had to uproot her life and go back to the village to take care of her ailing grandmother.She persisted and made the best out of a very tough situation. Some may call it making lemonade out of lemons. Well, she did it, and she is enjoying every bit of it. Li took it upon herself and continues to this very day to bring joy into millions of lives online through her videos and inventions. She has brought the Chinese culture into a beautiful light, which many have failed to portray.

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