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Weed addiction

Posted: 20 Nov 2020 18:02

Hi everyone,

I am 25 years old and have been addicted to weed for the past 4-5 years..

I can easily smoke myself 3 grams a day, sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the day.. I don't smoke for fun anymore, just because my body needs it..

I tried for a very long time to stop, and I had several times, but nothing worked for a long time.. several weeks in a row. To be honest, I just love this drug, but I also hate it ... my relationship with weed is worse than that of a married couple!

I don't know what to do anymore, I work 5 days a week and I have 2 kids(they don't know and never will), but it's starting to affect my productivity in a lot of things. I don't have people to talk to about this, so I resorted to google, which brought me here.

It's hard to back down when I have so many responsibilities and no one knows what I'm dealing with. I just want to stop, but I fight every day, fighting with myself, and then I give up ... it's a daily thing, and its terrible smiley face is sad

I could tell you more, but I'm on my lunch break.

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Posted: 20 Nov 2020 19:23

Addiction is such a difficult thing to deal with, and it sounds like you just have a lot of things in General. Unfortunately, you can't talk to anyone about this, there are definitely some users here who have struggled with addiction, so you're not alone. Have you contacted any support services?

Posted: 20 Nov 2020 19:47

I think that you are working hard towards your goal, it is great. Keep going! I think that you will fight the weed addiction. In general I don't find weed so dangerous drug. But one of my friend were addicted to weed too. We started smoking weed or shatter canada together in college. We usually smoked at parties or to relax after classes. It's very strange that he became addicted to weed and I didn't. Apparently, weed has a different effect on all of us. As a result, my friend went through a rehabilitation course and has been doing well for a couple of years. So I think that you can also overcome this addiction.