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There are already new images of GTA VI revealed on the Internet!

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Posted: 02 Mar 2020 15:20

buy GTA 5 Money The world was surrendered to GTA V when it was launched in 2013 making this title one of the most successful ever and attracting new players to this day. And as such we are all very curious to know what GTA VI will look like and how Rockstar developed the story for this new game.

That said we know that new images of GTA VI have been revealed on Reddit. And although they are not official you can already draw some conclusions about what the graphics and even the map of this new game might look like.

As we mentioned above cheap GTA V Cash these are unofficial images from GTA VI but they look very real. If you repair well the vehicle present in both images is identical to the models that already exist in GTA V. Now becoming in GTA VI an old and outdated model.

In addition other factors to take into account is the mini map that is in the lower left corner in the second image. Which shows us what may be the part where the forest is promised by Rockstar some time ago. Even remembering the fields surrounding Mount Chiliad in GTA V.

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