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New Update 4.2.0 - Rivalry of Warlords

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Posted: 15 Jan 2019 18:51

Rivalry of Warlords

Greetings Warlords!

Prepare yourself for the New Update "Rivalry of Warlords". This update will be held on Jan 16th, 2018 (17:00 GMT+8). There are several updates to improve our game

1. Rivalry of Warlords New World
Every Monday from 9:00 am to Tuesday 22:00 pm, the door to the New World will be open! All generals can enter the new world during this period. In the rivalry of warlord, there are many forces, destroy them from the new world!
• After "Rivalry of Warlord" is started at 9:00 every Monday, click on the "War" button or the “World” button to enter the new map.
• There are 3 respawn points in the map, and 3 countries randomly assign a respawn point.
• There are many NPC forces in the rivalry of warlords, The country that takes the lead in defeating the NPC faction's main city is considered to have defeated the faction.
• Players can also directly attack the main city of the enemy state, the enemy state will be destroyed after the attack of the main city, and will exit the rivalry of warlords.
• Destroy any country, Can inherit NPC forces that the country defeated.
• The settlement will take place at 22 o 'clock on Tuesday, and a reward will be awarded according to the number of NPC forces defeated.
Defeat all NPC forces and destroy 2 other countries before settlement, return to the previous world earlier, will get a lot of rewards.

2. Forge Sword
The top 16 in Arena will open the Casting Swords mission according to the rankings. After the mission is completed you’ll get a rewards.

3. Silk Road Hosting Feature (Open at 4.1.5)

• Divided into 3 modes: Adv Hosting, Normal Hosting, Auto.
• Adv Hosting:Players need to spend 10 Gold,Automatically help players to consume the silk bag and coins to choose the most profitable way to run a round of Silk Road
• Normal Hosting:Players need to spend 5 gold,Automatically help players to consume the silk bag to choose the most profitable way to run a round of Silk Road. When the player runs out of silk bag or only has the option of gold coin, it will automatically pause and wait for the player to select it and continue the round of silk road again.
• Normal:Manual operation by the player(Original Way)

4. Detail optimization
• Bug Optimization

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Posted: 25 Nov 2020 22:54

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