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[News] Seasonal Merger Rules

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Posted: 18 Jul 2018 19:41

Greetings Warlords!

As you know after Battle of Luoyang, the system will automatically go to the next phase which is "New Adventure" (Please check Rule the World). This system will merge other server into 1 main server to bring new enemy or new friend into new world. To make sure all of you understand this system, please take a look this detail description and please read it carefully.

New World

Seasonal Merger Rules
1. After the new season starts, each Lord needs to re-enter and choose their nation
• It’s time to betray your country.

2. All of the player’s items are retained, including jade, ingot, resources, experience, generals, equipment, building level, technology, backpack items, achievements, mission progress, and drill progress.
• Event progression is not saved.
• Growth Fund, VIP Card, Assist Gov’t, Monthly Card will not reset.
• All other data and progression are retained, except for troop number
• Building upgrades, technology research, forging, and foundry time schedules are recommended to be retained.
• Hospital directly removes wounded soldiers.
• Training camp and Hospital, if possible, will be retained.

3. All queued squad will be sent back to the city

4. Blacklist friend list will be cleared.

5. All mails will be deleted, please claim rewards in advance!

6. If there are 2 or more players with similar character name, the server number will be added after the name (e.g. PlayerName_1).

7. Player’s number of troops remain unchanged

• Prioritize the remaining surviving troops
• If there are less than 400K surviving troops, all will be retained
• Determine whether the number of casualties > 400k•survivors
•• IF≤,All hospital wounded soldier are retained

• Schedule are as follows:
• Find the highest troops level and then calculate the ratio:
•• If the highest level total troops are less than the number to be retained, all will be retained.
•• If the highest level total troops is greater than the number to be retained
••• For example, retained 100k; The ratio of the number of each soldier is 4:3:2:1, and the last number of each soldier retained is 40k, 30k, 20k and 10k.

8. Faction information removed (Faction EXP, Faction level, Faction Tech, Personal points, Battle Power), Faction members need to regroup again on new journey, you need to enter the game as soon as possible to claim your Faction Name!
According to the rank of faction, each faction member will receive a Faction pack (including Faction EXP, personal points, and power contributions) before the end of the season.
• Different levels will receive different items

9. The new season will open new stages, new features, new gameplay.
• Merger adding a new feature to make the game more fun

10. When the new season starts, you can freely move around the world.
• Need new features, Stage restrictions vary from season to season

11. The city occupation time will be reset in the new season, players need to start occupying each city from the beginning
• Time Reset, need to reoccupy the city

12. Officials will merge servers that have a similar or close opening date.

13. Season awards will be given at the end of the season
• Reward can be seen at our Facebook fanpage
• We will send all the rewards before the maintenance starts and prepare new server

14. 8 days before the start of the new season, officials will announce servers that need to be merged, so everyone will have time for preparation.
• Servers with the latest opening date will get a Gacha event as a reward to compensate for the differences in heroes that they have compared with the older servers.
• After merge, event progression will be reset (No need to save)
• Event needs to go through the season mechanism and needs to adjust the event table, structure, and configuration
Season rewards are as follows: (Grand Hall level above 20 will get a reward, for prevent sub account)

All server Reward
1. After merge all players who have reached Grand Hall lv.20 in the first season will receive a Season Pack
• Season Pack:Taels X300、World Migration Token X2、Master Truce Token X3、100% Marching Boost X10、10K Grain X100、10k Lumber X100、1000 Iron X100、100 Gold X100、1H Training Boost X10

Faction Reward
1. After the new season starts, Each faction member will receive a Faction pack according to the level of faction, different levels will receive different pack reward.
• LV 4 Faction Pack:Faction EXP X100、Char Points X400000
• LV 5 Faction Pack:Faction EXP X150、Char Points X600000
• LV 6 Faction Pack:Faction EXP X200、Char Points X800000
• LV 7 Faction Pack:Faction EXP X250、Char Points X1000000
2. After the new season starts, Each faction member will receive reward pack according to number of forts, county, prefecture, country ocuppied by each faction
• Emperor Pack:Taels X1000, 10k Grain X300, 10k Lumber X300, 1000 Iron X300, 100 Gold X300, 1H Training Boost X60
• Capital Pack:Taels X800, 10k Grain X200, 10k Lumber X200, 1000 Iron X200, 100 Gold X200, 1H Training Boost X40
• Prefecture Pack:Taels X500, 10k Grain X100, 10k Lumber X100, 1000 Iron X100, 100 Gold X100, 1 H Training Boost X20
• Pack:Taels X300, 10k Grain X50, 10k Lumber X50, 1000 Iron X50, 100 Gold X50, 1 H Training Boost X10

Castle Lord Reward
15. After the new season starts, each Lord that occupied County, Prefecture, Country and Luoyang in the previous season will receive a Tally.
• Lord of Luoyang will get “Jade Seal Heirloom” ,Increase led troops by 5500.
• Lord of Wu will get “King of Wu's Tiger Tally” ,Increase led troops by 4500.
• Lord of Shu will get “King of Shu's Tiger Tally” ,Increase led troops by 4500.
• Lord of Wei will get “King of Wei's Tiger Tally” ,Increase led troops by 4500.
• Prefecture Inspector will get “Prefecture Inspector's Tiger Tally” ,Increase led troops by 3500
• Counties Inspector will get “Prefect's Tiger Tally” ,Increase led troops by 2750

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Posted: 26 Sep 2019 11:41

This game really does wonders. I have started playing this game a few days ago and became its fan. This is a really amazing game and I enjoyed my time while playing this game. I must rate purple cv with good remarks. Good job!