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Feeling rip off!!

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Posted: 18 Jun 2018 10:12


This is in regards to crazy gods.

I top up some gold on the 17th of June. The amount was $109.99. However, I experienced some server problem and it reject my top up. And tells me to re log in.

So I went to try again and the same thing happen.

I checked my Credit Card and realised that I was charged numerous times

I log in today and realised that I’ve received the gold for the cash that I’ve mischarged due to the server problems. However I didn’t received any prize for the day 4 event of the 7 days carnival.

I meant to only charged once but because of server problem. I was charged numerous times on my Credit Card. I love and support your game and can put up with the unfortunate event that I was mischarged. But I really need your help on the issues that I didn’t received any prizes from the event, for the amount of money I spend.


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