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[News] Server Merge 7Paladins North America | 6th February 2017

Posted: 05 Feb 2018 17:03

Hello Paladins!

7Paladins team will conduct server merge North America (US)

Server Merge Rules

1. After merge, player can still login through the same server as before

2. Player that have more than 1 character in the same account can still login to the character through the initial server for each character.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : To improve our server stabilisation, character that didn't login for 7 days, NO topup history and below level 30 will be deleted. We cannot recover all deleted characters, so please at least do login everyday until server merge

We won't delete your character IF : No topup transaction but you still login everyday

In-game Data :
1. USE ALL YOUR TREASURE HUNTING FRAGMENT (ORB,EXP & Relic) before maintenance server merge! or it will be gone

2. Please collect all your mail, to avoid any message lost

3. Character status will not change

4. Rank :
• Rank list will be reset after maintenance

• All guild data will get merged, rank will also reset.

5. Guild status will and members not be change
6. Arena Rank and Reward will be reset
7. Hero base will be merged following the oldest server in the batch without resetting the opened chest

Character Names :
One of the duplicated character name will be add "!" automatically by system on his/her character name. We will also sent you a compensation 200 Diamond so you can change your character name or your guild name (only guild member can change it in guild managemen panel).

Server Merge Compensation (only for merged server) :

Mythic Artifact Chest x1
Legendary Artifact Chest x10
Diamond for changing name x200
NOTE : Compensation will be sent after maintenance
Thank you for your attention!

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