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[News] 7Paladins SEA | New Update WILL OF CAVALRY

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Posted: 03 Feb 2018 14:13


1. Update Cap 110

2. Hell’s Forge Feature

Want to change your formation but too tired to recollect the equipment? Try our new feature, Hell’s Forge! You can transform your equipment set here, the level of enchant and refine will remain the same~
• Level Requirement: Lv. 60
• Required item “Transform Crystal”. You can obtain this item through Black Market and our newly Top Up Events~

3. New Guild Dungeon!
Your guild have completed all the guild dungeon’s chapters? Don’t worry, we have the story continued~!Enjoy your new journey!

4. New Hero!!! (Coming Soon)
Someone have returned from her long journey and back to paladin’s world. Who is it? Can you guess her abillity? ;) Coming Soon this February!

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