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[Event] Weekly Event: January 11th - 17th 2018

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Posted: 12 Jan 2018 10:33

WEEKLY EVENT: JANUARY 11th - 17th 2018


  • Each event starts at 00:00 and ends at 23:59 GMT+8. Please mind the time differences between your country and the server.

1. Limited-Time Achievement

Duration: January 12th - 17th

Details: Complete the tasks and get rewards!

2. Topup Accumulation

Duration: January 13th - 14th

Details: During the event, total top up reaching a specific amount will earn amazing reward!

3. Daily Gift

Duration: January 15th - 17th

Details: During the event, total charge reaching a specific amount every day will grant Amazing Reward.

4. Special Offer

Duration: January 14th - 15th

Details: During the event, total amount of Gold spent reaching a specific amount will earn amazing reward!

5. Hero Roulette

Duration: January 11th - 13th

Details: Spin the roulette to get powerful heroes shard and gems! You can redeem your gems to claim heroes shard or material available at roulette redeem menu.

6. The Dreamer Bajie

Duration: January 15th - 17th

Details: Before Bajie is sleeping, make sure to give him some offerings to get reward! Click here for more information!

7. Item Sale

Duration: January 12th - 14th

Details: Your favorite heroes and items are on sale!

8. Carnival Wheel

Duration: January 11th - 12th

Details: Spin and get your favorite item through this roulette event!. Win Xiang Yu & Sima Yi’s Red Essence here!

9. Consumption Rebate

Duration: January 11th - 13th

Details: Get 10% rebate for spending gold during the event, and get rewards for spending gold until specific amount. The rebate will be sent to your mailbox after the event ends. Rebate max 10000 Gold.

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