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[News] New Update Light of Hope

Posted: 08 Dec 2017 17:13

New Update - Light of Hope

Hello Paladins!

The scheduled maintenance for new update "Light of Hope" will start in December 11th 2017, 1:00AM (UTC-5). Players cannot login to the game during maintenance ^_^ we will announce it when its ready ~

1. Level 100

2. Evoke +10

  • Level: 100

  • Evoke Stone: 70000

  • Star Stone: 640

3. Mythic Equipment
The frag can be obtained in equipment shop (need to pass warrior's tower F85) and need one ‘Mythic Equipment Essence’ & 800 Courage Badge for each frag

  • Courage Badge can be obtained by playing warrior’s tower.

  • Mythic Equipment Essence can bought in X-Server Shop and Black Market only

There are three sets of Mythic equipment:

Dragon Set : Give Physical Bonus Set

Fallen Set : Give Defense Bonus Set

Gods Set : Give Magical Bonus Set

4. X-Server War
War between servers

Participant Requirement:

  • Top 1000 Arena

Starts every Saturday 06 AM ends every Sunday 11 PM

5. X- Server Shops
Currency: Cross-Server Badge, can be obtained if you participate in X-Server War and X-Server Ladder (soon to be updated)

Players that reached some required rank can purchase items with low price in Cross Server Rewards

6. Equipment Evolution
Evolve Orange Equipment to Red Equipment

  • Needs 60 Red Equipment Frag from the same part and type of equipment as the materials

  • After evolve, it increase max refine level, max enchant level, and max awaken level

No requirement level to evolve the equipment

7. Hero Trial Difficulty

Hero Trial difficulty added by 2 grades.

8. Imperial Defense Difficulty
Imperial defense difficulty added by 4 mode

9. Boss Bounties Difficulty
Boss Bounties difficulty added by 4 grades

10. New Hero Joan D Arc

What are you waiting for? Login now and recruit her on your team!

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