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[Update] New Heroes Are Coming To The Realm - The Dark Prince

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Posted: 27 Oct 2017 11:49

New Update - Prince of Darkness

New heroes are coming to the realm! There will be two heroes with each having their own special moves and skills. One of them has a super combo with the Maid of Queen that will flip the realms out! Let’s give them a warm welcome!

Evil Lubu

The best warrior of the 3 Kingdoms has turned evil. He pledged his allegiance to the kings but in the end he betrayed them to seize their thrones - you will need to be very careful with this guy.

Details: Deal 55% damage to all enemies, restore self rage by 2 point.

This magic fruit was born from the holy trees! It is said that when the Gods consume it, their strength will increase tenfold!

Sweet Splash
Details: Deal 240% damage to single enemy,restore self rage by 2 point.

Aerobics Dance
Details: Attack cause 300% damage to the target, attack may strike the next target and rage will recover 2 point.

These heroes can only be obtained from weekly events

New Halloween Costume

Halloween costume is in the closet! In this Update, we have new “Champion Costume” for you to wear and conquer the realm! You can use these costumes on your character(s) to get special buffs and attacks.


You can use this costume on your “Monster”-type unit, and change them into one of the famous champion characters! Beside huge HP bonus, the unit’s attack will also change!

Mechanical Gauntlet

Details: Deal 88% damage to 3 random enemy target.

Electric Shock

Details: Deals 53% Atk Dmg, critical hits back row stun for 1 R.

Bunny Riven

If you use this costume on a female unit, your unit will change into Bunny Riven! She will chop you into pieces!

Sword of Shadow

Details: Deals 53% Atk Dmg, critical hits back row stun for 1 R.

Broken Wing Dance

Details: Deal 110% damage to 2 random enemy targets.

Pulsefire Ezreal

Lastly, if you use this costume on your “Normal”-type male unit, their appearance will change into the famous “Pulsefire Ezreal”! The unit’s attack will change and become very strong!

Arcane Shot

Details: Deals 73% damage to 4 random enemy targets.


Details: Deals 53% Atk Dmg,Critical hits back row stun for 1 R.

Increased VIP level limit to VIP15!

Now you can enjoy even more exclusive benefits! Increase your VIP Level, each level unlocks different benefits.

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