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[News] New Update- Hero of The Chaos

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Posted: 01 Jun 2017 16:52

Greetings Warlords!

Prepare yourself for the New Update "Hero of The Chaos" This update will be held on Friday, June 2nd, 2017 (17:00 GMT+8). There are several updates to improve our game system!

Kingdom Lv.3

• After unlocking Kingdom Lv.3 and finishing Task Battle of DongYing will upgrade kingdom to Lv.3

• Battle of DongYing split into 2 type of battle:

1)Expedition Issue:Appear in certain City

• Buff:Reinforcements will appear in designated City from time to time
After completing all issue may duel the Character in the issue: When player win the duel, issue will dismissed
• Issue buff removal:Reinforcement in the city reduced and no more upcoming reinforcement addition

2)Non-battle Expedition Issue:Appear in certain City
• Buff:Same as expedition issue
• Issue buff removal:Same as expedition issue

After conquering all city, any player can complete and remove the issue
※ Battle of DongYing flow is same with Expedition Preparation, to complete Battle of DongYing player need to win 3 Battle:

1)Battle of DongYing (I):EASY
Beat CaoCao troop, when issued city is under fire, Tiger Cavalry will automatically appear
• Type:Non-battle expedition issue;Victory will open Nation EXP accumulation

2)Battle of DongYing (II):NORMAL
• Type:Non-battle expedition issue;Victory will open Nation EXP accumulation

3)Battle of DongYing (III):HARD
• Type:Battle expedition issue;Victory will upgrade Kingdom to Lv.3
※ Other:
• Kill Rank:Player with the most kill will get special Title
• Expedition Map will have 2 NPC Issue
• No extermination, PM Flag and King Flag feature
• May use Gold to summon unlimited Tiger Cavalry duplicate
Kingdom Seal is use for recruit CaoCao

Modify World Issue

Different area will have different task and issue, completing will get massive merit reward

Task is divided into 2 type, special and normal task.
Normal task can be done by 4 Building Troop from any level; Special Issue may vary depends on requirement, but will get same rewards

Modify Hammer:
Joining Modify Issue will need Modify Hammer, and modification takes 2 mins time.

How to get hammer:
a. Activate War Exploit Tech
b. Kingdom upgraded to Lv.3

Claim:After requirement above achieved, player may get hammer from daily merit rank reward.

New Map Lv.175——Huarong Trail

• Level cap and map increased to 175.

New General——CaoCao

• Level 175, completing Battle of DongYing and get Kingdom Seal will have the chance to recruit Cao Cao.

God Weapon Lv.120

• God Weapon Lv.120 will replace normal Duel Duplicate into Tiger Cavalry

Tiger Cavalry

• Opened after God Weapon reach Lv.120
• Effect: Duel until general is dead, 1st row will have assault effect and speed up battle on Duel
• Optimization:Can use Gold to trade for Tiger Cavalry Duplicate

Latest Update, April 27th 2017 - Maximum Weapon

1 reply
Posted: 01 Jun 2017 18:19

Untung bukan update silk jadi ga nguras kantong dah hehehe

Yunxie s41