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[News] (ENG) New Update - Soul Awakening

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Posted: 23 May 2017 19:32

Greetings Paladins!

Prepare yourself for the new update 7Paladins "Soul Awakening"! We will also hold a maintenance, so you cannot login during maintenance.

Scheduled Maintenance : 24 May 2017 16:00 GMT+8


• Hero Soul Feature’s button is located on HERO windows
• Requirement level hero 60
• Required item Soul Stone
• Increase the hero soul level by using Soul Stone
• Soul Stone usage is depending on Hero Soul Level
• There is a chance to level up Hero Soul instantly based on luck rate
• When Hero Soul leveled up, it increase hero bonus stats (HP, P.ATK, M.ATK, Crit, Pdef, Mdef)
• Soul Stone can be attain from (Shop, Ladder Shop, Ladder Arena, etc)


• This feature is located in Normal Shop
• Hero Shop is selling variant of Heroes Soul
• Hero Soul is sold with Diamond currency
• Player will be able to trade their unused heroes soul with soul in Hero Shop to reduce the amount of consumed Diamond
• Maximum unused soul trade is 10 Soul
• Maximum Diamond discount for soul trade is 150 Diamond


• In this feature player could open box to gain point
• Box contain soul, or a single completed hero
• When player reach certain point, player could open a bonus chest that contained Soul of Legendary Heroes on that period.
• The higher points, the higher chest and reward that user can get.
• When period ends, Legendary Heroes will be rerolled with another Legendary Heroes.


• Feature is located in bottom right on Heroes windows
• Player could rebirth their possessed hero
• After player rebirth their hero, all consumable, and growth item will be returned
• Hero rebirth require Diamond
• After rebirth hero, all hero soul from Evoke will be returned and heroes star will go back to the original.
• Extracted item from Hero rebirth can be used to another hero


• This feature is located in campaign
• Event started on 11:00 ~ 23:00 gmt+8
• Players should prepare 3 hero formation against other player
• There will be free match chances 5 times
• Matchmaking is real time
• Players will be matched with other players with similar trophy
• Win or lose will affect the Trophy amount
• Trophy can be accumulated to increase Rank
• Players will get Arena Coins each time they finish a match
• Coin Arena can be traded in Ladder Shop with useful items

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