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Unlucky or Problem with Bubbles in the Air/ Rainbow Bubbles Event

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Posted: 12 May 2017 06:13

I am growing very, very concerned with the Bubbles in the Air/Rainbow Bubbles event. I could be I am just horribly unlucky and an odd-ball out (which would be fine :) ) but I wanted to post.

I haven’t been tracking stamina per bubble until this morning after I already spent 70 upon waking up so I didn’t include those numbers. But:

Since around 10:45 AM (EST)/10:45 PM (Beijing) I have spent/received:• 143 Vitality on Stages• 16 Bubble boxes receivedo Sitting at (not all from the 16 boxes) 23 Rainbows 10 Soap Water 1 Air• 1 Bubble crafted• 0 Bubbles directly from box

What this means is that (based on today’s numbers):• 143 stamina leads to one bubble.• Getting 1 stamina every 5 minutes would require 715 minutes (11.67 hours) per bubble.• The event requires 55 bubbles.

At this rate, it would take over 27 days to get all 55 bubbles.

This equation is a little off as you can get additional stamina from buying the Elf Toy (20 - daily), receiving it from daily login (during event 20 & 25), May gifts (15), or the Star Chart/ 12 Zodiac Signs (varied but 0-6 daily would be safe). But assuming you receive all that it only takes a few days off the equation.

I realize those who spend more stamina would get the outfit quicker… but I login regularly during wake hours. If you are able view my account and you will see I do not let my stamina bar get full during the day. I probably spend over 200 stamina a day (I think the Mon/Tues event I earn the 300-stamina spent quest within 24 hours).

Now the first day was decent and I received 11 bubbles that day. At that rate it would take 5 days to get the outfit and is very reasonable. Even getting only 7.5 would be reasonable as it would take about 7 days to complete. Averaging less than that would take longer than the event lasts. But since the first day the most I received was 6 and every other day has been 3 or less. For over 200 stamina. That makes it impossible to earn the required amount for the outfit. Unless of course the next four days improve again (need 6 per 200-300 stamina to complete).

My question is – am I just being incredibly unlucky? Are most people able to get the outfit with 200-300 stamina spent per day? Is it possible the numbers will improve (randomly) and I will be fine to complete it?

Or were the random number drops changed after the first day in a way to make it near impossible to complete? It seems odd the first day would be ok but each subsequent day would be worse.

Like I said, I'm cool if it is just luck is not on my side this time but I am worried.

Thank you,


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Posted: 16 May 2017 13:34

I was only able to craft 15 bubbles to get the bubble effect one. This is the last day and I couldn't get them all because of how broken the drop system is. It's unbalanced and really, I feel like it's not just luck. I've lost countless sleep from trying to craft more bubbles but it just wasn't working. Sad to say that our hard work did not work this time around.

Posted: 18 May 2017 03:38

hmm i got everything from this event was basically reviewing stages in tailor shop to get ingredients and i got enough. Never got bubble itself tho only ingriedients to craft it.. i guess you were just really unlucky :(

Posted: 19 May 2017 21:09

Yes I felt the same too. I checked in regularly got enough bubble boxes but could hardly get any air to craft the bubbles. Couldn't complete the set :(