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[Guide] Guild War

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Posted: 24 Mar 2017 10:29

Hello Avengers!

Have you reached level 19? If yes, then congrats you can now join a Guild! You can create one together with your friends or simply join an existing Guild. Firstly, we’re gonna tell you the basic features in Guild.

Tap on the Guild icon to enjoy the newly-unlocked feature.

Here you can choose a Guild to enter, or create your own Guild.

You can also search for an existing guild through the Search Bar.

Confident enough to organize your own Guild? Just tap on the Create Guild icon to start.

Next, please assign a name for your guild.

Remember: you need to have 1000 Gold to create a guild.

Yeay! Now you’ve successfully joined a guild. Go take a look on the features inside the guild!

To support your guild’s welfare, you can worship at the Worship Altar. Each of your contribution will be accumulated into contribution points which you can trade for useful items/buffs on Guild Shop or Guild Tech.

Now let’s go to the Guild Spa! Invite all guild members to throw soaps in the Holy Bath for a pretty Goddess to bathe. Your guild can gain EXP for each soap offered to the Goddess! Not only guild EXP, you can also gain contribution points and also unlock some treasures together! But be careful, there’s also an old man who likes to take a bath there~ ★

What to do with all the contribution points you got? Just go to the the Guild Store to exchange the points for some incredible items such as equipments or heroes’ souls!

Aside from Guild Store, you can also exchange your contribution points in Guild Tech! to get extra buffs! You can increase your bonus stats here~

Being active in a guild can give you many benefits, isn’t it? Now let’s continue to the best part of being in a guild: GUILD WAR!

Make your guild famous while also getting reward~! If you’re joining other people’s guild, you can persuade your guild leader to join Guild War! You can get materials or gold here.

How to join Guild War? Tap on the Treasure Building in Guild menu. In “Treasure”, you can see there are many buildings which your guild can occupy. Each building has its own treasure that you can claim after you’ve successfully occupied it. Choose which building your guild wants to occupy!

For now, let us give you an example. Choose “Treasure 1” (marked with 700 Gold).

Here you can see what you can get if your Guild can occupy the building.

The treasure will be divided into 3 categories: for guild leader, for vice leader(s) and for guild members.

Please note that the reward will be distributed at 10PM (GMT+8) on the next week.

Sign up time: every Tuesday and Thursday at 8AM – 8PM GMT+8

Treasure Hunt will begin at 8PM GMT+8 on the same day.

Treasure hunt begins! Tap on Battle to enter the war!

In the Battle menu, you will be given time to prepare the members of your guild to join the battle. Choose who will fight to claim the treasure! Don’t forget to use “Inspire” feature to increase your chance of winning!

After you’ve done preparing your guild members, you can close the window by tapping on the Leave Battle icon, and wait for the battle result while continuing your adventure.

After the battle ends, you can see the report of the battle on the Battle Log.

Guild War will end on 10 PM GMT+8. You can claim the treasure if your Guild wins the battle! Enjoy your reward~

Guild War Rules:

1) There are 4 levels of the Demon Lord's Treasure: Orange, Purple, Blue, and Green. Produces: Ingots, Coins, Divine Stone Shards.

2) Treasure Hunt battle is fought on Tuesday and Thursday every week.

3) Players can sign up for the battle from 8:00-20:00 on Tuesday and Thursday.

4) Players can enter the battlefield from 20:00-21:00 on Tuesday and Thursday.

5) Players can claim rewards for any capture from 22:00 on Tuesday to 0:00 on Thursday and from 20:00 on Thursday to 0:00 on Saturday.

6) When the sign up period ends, the 4 guilds with the most contribution from the previous Friday to the current Friday will be approved. Approved guilds will be able to attack treasure spots. A captured spot can only be attacked by top 3 guilds.

7) The Leader and Vice Leader may select up to 2 treasure spots for sign up within a specific time period. The sign up request can't be canceled once sent.

8) During the treasure spot capture phase, the 4 approved legions will fight each other for control. 2 battles will be fought: 1st vs. 2nd, and 3rd vs 4th. Winners will have a final battle. The final winner will capture the treasure spot.

9) Guild members must enter the battlefield at the corresponding treasure spot. They may boost their power through encouragement during preparation. Encouraging enough times will increase win streak. The battle starts automatically when preparation is over. Players who enter the preparation scene will take turns joining the fight. The guild with one or more players left standing is the victor.

10) Each guild may capture only 1 treasure spot. If they win more than one battle, they'll capture a spot with better treasures. Other treasure spots will be unoccupied.

11) The guild that controls a treasure spot till the end will get rewards from that treasure spot. Members of different ranks will get different rewards.

12) After rewards are claimed, the Defense of the treasure will be reduced. Defense refers to the power of the guild defending this treasure spot. If a guild captures a treasure spot multiple times, its Defense will drop each time when reward is claimed. Defense will restore when the treasure spot is captured by a different guild.

13) Guild battle members: Players who are in the guild for less than 2 days cannot join the guild battle.

14) Guild battle member rewards: Only members who have fought in the current guild battle may claim rewards.

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