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[News] Update Power Seekers

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Posted: 15 Mar 2017 17:35

Hello Avengers!

Have a thirst to be the most powerful hero in all realms? These new features from the latest update will help you achieve higher statuses again and again!

1. New Formation Arrangements

A new feature in the Formation section will be unlocked once your team level has reached Lv. 50! Tap on the Party icon and then select Formation.

After that, you will see many formation options (see picture below)

There are 5 formations available after this update. Every formation can increase your Battle Points. However, firstly you have to fulfill the requirements stated below the heroes’ icons.

The requirements to activate the status increase can include: Hero’s Zone, Level, Talent, etc. To see a hero’s zone, please refer to the picture below.

You will get status increase when all requirements has been fulfilled. For example, on the picture below you can see there are only 2 heroes that have fulfilled the requirements. Therefore, you only get 2 types of status increase.

And you know what? That’s not all! You can level up each formation using the Formation Rune item that you can get by defeating the boss on the new “Array” event map.

(for more information about the new event map, please see point no.2 “Array Dungeon Event Map”).

If your formation gets to reach some certain levels, you can get more status increase! Tap on the Bonus icon to see what you can get by levelling up your formation.

2. Array Dungeon Event Map

What is Array Dungeon Event Map? Check it out by simply tapping on the Map icon on home, and go to Event tab. After that, please choose Array.

You can choose the dungeon’s difficulty level. Each level will give you different amount of reward.

The reward from Array Dungeon is, as you may already know: Formation Rune!

You need to defeat the Boss first to get the item of course.

If you still remember the quiz on our Facebook Fanpage, “a new BOSS from a new MAP” is the right answer!

3. Devil Room

It's still not enough, you say? Go to the Devil Room! Here’s how to get there: on home, tap on the Evo icon, and choose Room to enter the Devil room.

After entering the Devil Room, you can see an arcade machine just like the picture below. You need to have some certain items to be able to use the machine. You can get status increase from this feature!

After all of the ghosts have been eaten, you need to reset the arcade machine to get more status increase. Resetting the machine will also give you extra Battle Points!

Items needed to use and reset the arcade machine (Game Coin and Devil Coin) can be obtained in the Slayer Shop. Tap on Store icon on home, and check it out!

Now you don't have to worry about not having enough Battle Points because you can use all the new features to increase your statuses! Go try it yourself ~ヾ(^∇^)

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Posted: 02 Sep 2020 20:11

No doubt about the avengers that hit the army in real arms battle game mission 7. Have you guys also get the and the new update has many features.