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[Update] Guild Tech

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Posted: 06 Dec 2016 17:55

Hey Avengers!

Aside from new costume, in the 7 December Big Update we are also releasing a brand new exciting feature, Guild Tech!

Guild Tech will be very useful for your guild members. The more level you gain in guild tech, the more stats of your guild members’ will increase! Check out the details below:

1. HP

You will get extra HP if you choose to upgrade in this section:

2. Defense

You will get extra Defense point if you choose to upgrade in this section:

3. Damage Bonus

You will get more Damage Bonus if you choose to upgrade in this section:

Note: To get all the benefits in Guild Tech, you need to have a sufficient Guild Contribution point and/or sufficient Guild Level in each attribute you wish to upgrade.

If you don’t have/belong in a guild, you will miss the chance to get all the benefits from Guild Tech. So, go join in an existing guild or create your own guild and build your own community now! See you in Crazy Gods, with new features installed!

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