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Posted: 06 Jul 2015 13:58

Q: How to claim Giftpack?

A: Click HERE to check the guide.

Q: What if i cannot login to the game?

A: Make sure your connection network is stable and server status is available [Not maintenance]

Q: How to quick level up under 1 hour?

A: Just follow the direction from system to do such mission, level up resource, fight enemy, etc.

Q: How many kind C3K have resource?

A: There is 4 resource (silver, wood, food, and iron) Each resource will be open after you reach some level.

Q: Where i can find great General?

A: On mission, there are some reward which player can hire General. Finish the mission and you can find the general on Tavern.

Q: How to recruit more General?

A: Player can have maximum 3 General before level 30, and after player reach level 70, maximum to recruit General is 4. Player must finish research on Tech to activate.

Q: How to Setup Notification?

A: Find System button and go to Setting. Please uncheck spesific notification that you dont need.

Q: How many equip grade ?

A: There are 6 grade of each equip depends on level which is white [1], blue [16], green [28], yellow [36], red [53], and purple [70].

Q: How to get Title? What is function?

A: Player can get Title after reach level 26. If the title is higher, more free resource player can have.

Q: Is there any trick attack on C3K?

A: There are another General which is called Strategist. There function is to attack from different way which is using fire, water, stone, trap, fake report, etc.

Q: What is function from resource?

A: Silver can buy equip, recruit general, level up building, Wood can level up building, level up Tech, Food can recruit soldier, finish map/ mission, Iron can level up Armory and buy Gem.

Q: Is there any battle tactics?

A: During battle, Charge can win Attack, Attack can win Defense, and Defense can win Charge.

Q: How to get Gold?

A: Player can get free gold from Daily login or finish some mission. If player need more Gold, you can Top Up using several payment method.

Q: How to get VIP?

A: Player can have benefit from became VIP, there are several VIP with different benefit. If you want to have VIP, do Top Up.

Q: Why my general doesnt use skill?

A: General can use skill if the Health status is full.

Q: Can i change country?

A: No, you cannot.

Q: When Nation war, what is benefit from win the war?

A: If the Nation win the war, all player on that Nation will get resource and EXP.

Q: How to quick recruit soldier?

A: Player can use Order recruit or using gold.

Q: What is LDR and BRV?

A: LDR will affect status ATK and Def from each General, BRV will affect Skill and Block.

Q: What general is good of war?

A: Each general have unique ability which is depends on place like City, Land, Mount, or Water. Use the general same with place for better benefit.

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