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[News] Merge Server 23 December 2016

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Posted: 23 Dec 2016 10:18

Greetings Warlords!

Get ready, because C3K Mobile will merge its server differently this time, which is Server and State Merge. This time, we will tweak a few things here and there to balance those states, and this will surely be a lot more challenging!

Date and Time :

Maintenance will held on Thursday, 23rd December 2016 (17:00 PM GMT+8)

Server List :

Merge Server Rules
Login Account:

1. After merge, player can still login through the same server as before

2. Player that have more than 1 character in the same account can still login to the character through the initial server for each character.

Character Names:

1. After merge, if there is duplicated character name, then the character with lower level will get a chance to change the char name

2. If player didn’t change the name, then character name will be written in this format:

, example: GuanYu 01

In-game Data:

1. World Map

  • Based on the older Server

  • General position, duplicates will remain the same as before.

2. Nation Level

  • Nation Level and EXP based on the highest level between 2 server

  • Nation mission and training chance based on older server

3. Bribe NanMan

  • Bribe NanMan level and EXP based on the highest level between 2 server

4. Ranks

  • Officer positions based on older server and player from newer server need to fight for it.

  • Kill Rank combined

  • Military resource based on older server

  • Duel Rank combined

5. Chars that didn’t login for 90days, no topup history and level below 50 will be deleted.

Note : Please log out 5 minutes before the maintenance.

Any question? please contact us through our facebook fanpage for fast response. Thank you

16 reply
Posted: 23 Dec 2016 11:30

when maintenance is over?

Posted: 23 Dec 2016 11:34

Jagad, are you WU Jagad S57 ?

Posted: 23 Dec 2016 11:47

no...i'm jagad948 WU

Posted: 23 Dec 2016 15:20

Wew 53 ga masuk

Posted: 23 Dec 2016 15:36

lah server muda dah d merger dl?

Posted: 23 Dec 2016 15:54

kemaren di fb ngomongnya kalau sudah jw baru merger wkwkwk tapi gpplah bisa imbang 3 nat

Posted: 23 Dec 2016 15:54

bukan s54 s53 di merger malah server muda wkwkwk

Posted: 23 Dec 2016 16:08

Min, 23 Desember tuh hari ini, Jumat.. Itu kok Kamis ??

Admin nya udah Grogi nih gara2 kena marah mulu, sampe nulis hari tanggal aja salah..

Posted: 23 Dec 2016 18:17

Dasar pertimbangan apa sehingga 55dan56 di marge terlebih dahulu..... kami player wei 54 merasa tidak diprhatikan... keseimbangan kekuatan server 54 sudah tidak ada..... mohon tanggapannya..

Jianhu wei54